15 Months in…

It’s been three months now really since I’ve really had a second to evaluate how things are. You see when you own and run a business you live it.

You wake up every morning with the same ambition, go to bed with the same intention for the following day and spend your day doing your utmost to progress and improve on what you told yourself you would!

Often, it’s a self-conscious decision, you know what you need to do, how you need to do it but often the eternally difficult decision is simply “When”.


The summer months as normally for a restaurant can be quiet, we had a great May. Then in June and July, a decrease as much of the Dublin population go away abroad for their holidays. Although this is a fact, you still wonder if the custom you’re missing out on is in fact away or has gone to another restaurant who is offering more for them! It’s a truly scary and unpredictable business. You can find yourself questioning everything you’ve done on a continuous bases wondering is what was implemented right for our customers? Or was it something which could hinder their return. You can have a great week which leaves you with a sense of ease and sometimes it can be tarnished by a quiet week which sees you come under more pressure, worry and stress.

However, amid it all, It’s great to see our customers feedback, every morning at exactly 7:12 am an email comes through of each customer who made a reservations feedback. It is vital it does give confidence that what we are doing is right, and sometimes can help towards making the right changes to ensure what we offer is the best we can. Getting to the top 10% on TripAdvisor helps you believe that what your doing is right but when you look at the bottom line the fundamental importance in all businesses – the money, it’s what it all comes down to at the end of the day I can truly find myself in a state of worry. It’s the unpredictability of the restaurant business that causes it!


The worry because although things do take time, money does not go on for all time. So, overall it a fight in the battle of time and money!


In the last 3 months, The Sivad family has come to in contact with many changes, we’ve some new colleagues and sadly some who have left! But we all have the same intention and ambition as ever!


The Davis family, on the other hand, has also had some big changes, those close to us know of them, however, I’d rather not get into any details right now!


All the above, any changes which have happened has been taken in our stride and looking from the outside has been nothing but positive for Sivad!


15 months in…

Graham Davis,

Director / Co Owner

Sivad – Leopardstown